Safe Parkview is the security initiative which is run by the Parkview Residents Association.  It is a section 21, non-profit company solely managed by Parkview residents, including our Directors, committee members and our Manager.  We have 3 pro-active vehicles patrolling our streets 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Each patrol vehicle is manned with 2 officers, thereby providing immediate backup in the event of an armed response situation.  These patrol vehicles provide armed response for the majority of our members.  The average response time ranges between 1 min 50 seconds and 2 minutes 30 seconds.  Our service provider is 24/7 security services.

The monthly cost per member is R750,00. This includes:

  • 24 hour contact centre with immediate response to any incident or suspicious activity
  • Armed response to your alarm activation, panic activation or call
  • 4 cell phones linked as panic buttons
  • Emergency paramedic service by NetCare 911
  • Free escort home service
  • 24 Hour constant patrolling of the suburb by dedicated Parkview-only vehicles
  • 2 Guards per car
  • Undercover work by 24/7 Tactical Team
  • Sms alerts
  • Dedicated Parkview security manager
  • Active co-ordination with Parkview Police

Important Documents

  1. Safe Parkview membership form and debit order. CLICK HERE
  2. 24/7 Armed response agreement.  CLICK HERE
  3. Cell react (panic) instructions. CLICK HERE
    Note: the cost is included in your Safe Parkview contribution.
  4. Cell react telephone numbers. CLICK HERE
  5. Safe Parkview contact numbers. CLICK HERE
  6. Implementation guide. CLICK HERE